7 Ways to say I Love You – to yourself

7 Ways to say I LOVE YOU to yourself

1. Self-Talk: Refuse to allow negative, self-defeating thoughts. Don’t think anything about yourself that you wouldn’t say out loud to your best friend. Write some positive affirmations and put them where you will see them.
We really like youIf you see something in a magazine that makes you smile, cut it out and put it in a frame. Lift your vibration and things around you will flow easily. Challenge your perceptions of what is going on. Ask yourself if there is a different way that you could choose to think about it. If you don’t like what is going on, look for the lesson. There is always a lesson. If you don’t get it, the lesson is repeated and it gets harder each time.
Be a Lighthouse2. Present moment awareness: Remember that a lighthouse cannot do it’s job properly if it is affected by the storms around it. Are your thoughts right here with you, right now? If you begin to take notice you may find that they are either somewhere in the past thinking about “could’ve, should’ve” or racing ahead to the future playing the “what if” game. I call it “awfulizing”, worrying about things that could go wrong. Bring your mind home now, take a few deep breaths and notice things around you with all of your senses – what you can see, hear, feel, smell and touch.
Eat live foods3. Nutrition and Movement: Nourish your mind and body with live, natural foods, plenty of water and movement. Your body uses food for information for cell structure and function so the more that the food is processed, and the more additives it contains, the less information is in it. Microwaving and overcooking your food will decrease the value you get from it.

MoveTake a break to do some stretches, go for a walk or use the stairs. Your lymph system needs movement to eliminate toxins so if you’re spending a lot of time sitting at your computer, you may feel sluggish and bloated.
Clear your mind4. Focus: Clear your space and clear your mind. If you find it hard to focus and apply yourself to the task at hand, take some time to clear your work space (even if it means scooping everything up and putting it in a drawer for a short time). Allow yourself 10 minutes to sit and focus on your breathing and you will find that your mind will clear quickly.

Reconnect with yourself5. Reconnect with yourself: Allow yourself some time to step back from whatever it is that is on your mind and reconnect with yourself. A great way to do this is to just focus on your breathing and be aware of allowing your body to relax as you breathe out.

If you would like to know more about breathing techniques, and why it is important, you can check out my brief Relaxation Breathing videos: Introduction to Relaxation Breathing and Relaxation Breathing Part 2
Eat, Pray, LoveAllow a few moments for simple pleasures. Take time to smell the roses. In “Eat, Love, Pray” the Italian barber said to Julia Roberts “Americans have an inability to relax into sheer pleasure”. For more quotes, see “Quotes from Eat, Pray, Love”
Keep your peace6. Self-Respect: Say no and put yourself first occasionally. However try to offer options and always aim for a win-win situation so that the other person doesn’t feel that you are deserting them. If you feel overloaded, think about delegating. Allow others to take responsibility for themselves. You don’t have to be in control all of the time, or care-take other people’s feelings. Just be sure that you treat everyone with kindness, consideration and respect.

Don't give someone the power to hurt you7. Relationships: Teach others how to treat you. Don’t give anyone the power to hurt you by making their opinion of you more important than your opinion of yourself. Remember that honesty without kindness is cruelty.

Move, you are not a treeIf anyone is behaving badly towards you, there are a few things to consider before you play the blaming game or simply dismiss them as bad people. Ask yourself if it is possible that they are reflecting something in your attitude or behaviour back to you. Usually, people are mirrors. Also, everyone is in our life for a reason. Ask yourself what it is that you need to learn from this situation. Remember that although you can’t control others, you always have choice and are in control of your own actions. Someone can only treat you badly if you give them permission to do so. Simply walk away, and keep walking away, until they learn to behave better. Surround yourself with positive people and avoid those who drain your energy.

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