About Ciara

A determination to understand why she was unwell, and how she could help herself, led Ciara to Kinesiology. This powerful tool helped to change Ciara’s outlook on life, her role in it, and therefore her health and wellbeing, which led to her studies with the Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Institute. 

With Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, Ciara has the opportunity to combine modern study of neurology, physiology and genetics with the ancient Chinese and Indian healing arts.  She works under the principle of everything being connected, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and helps bring this awareness to her clients to empower positive change. Ciara particularly enjoys helping clients understand and learn from the experiences that have manifested in their lives to enhance their life quality.   Also a qualified Yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner, Ciara blends the philosophy of both modalities into her practice.    

 Prior to Kinesiology, Ciara spent 10 years working in Human Resources in the financial and professional services industry.  Her experience and skillset gained during this period has been invaluable to working with her clients and she can relate through experience to many challenges faced by her clients.

 Ciara works with adults and children to address hormone imbalances, immune response issues, gut related illness, anxieties and phobias, learning and behaviour challenges, and people seeking to add more meaning to their lives. 

 You can book a session with Ciara online via Holistic Health Melbourne, or contact her directly.

Email: hello@the-connection-between.com    Phone: 0403 566 886

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Ciara Clerkin
Ciara Clerkin
Ciara Clerkin