How to avoid jet lag

Overcome jet lag with Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure points
If you are travelling to another time zone you probably know only too well the feeling of jet lag that can get in the way of making the most of where you are.

Here’s how to overcome it quickly and easily using acupressure points. These are the points that are used by an Acupuncturist to adjust the flow of energy in your body. They can also be stimulated by gentle pressure or light touch, as you have probably already experienced in a Kinesiology session.

  • Look at the “Detailed Locations of the 12 Luo Points” image below and note the reference numbers of the time of your departure in that place country of origin, and then the time of your arrival in your new location (adjust for Daylight Savings). For example if you left Australia at noon (12pm), the reference number is 3. If you arrive at your destination and the local time is 9pm, the reference number is 7.
  • Look at the “Pressure Point Location Charts” and find the location of each reference point acupoints.
  • Apply gentle pressure SIMULTANEOUSLY to the two acupoints identified by the reference numbers on the left side of the body, then repeat on the right side.
  • Take a few deep gentle breaths, relaxing your body as you breathe out and focus on the sensation of your fingers gently resting on these points, and notice that after a while you will feel each point pulsing. It may take ten seconds, or ten minutes. Just relax and breathe. They will probably be pulsing at different rates, so just wait until they are pulsing in unison. Hold for another minute or so and then let go.
    If you are not sure about the procedure you can give me a call on 0409 706727.
    Jet Lag Meercat
    Happy travelling!