My body said WHAT??

It’s interesting that your body will always tell you when something has been bothering you for too long. However, unless you are aware of this and good at listening to your body, your initial solutions will probably make the problem worse.

Consider that your body parts are symbolic of what they represent. If you have a pain in your neck, who is literally being a pain in the neck to you? Have you heard someone you know to be quite inflexible complaining that they have a stiff neck?

How often have you seen someone stooped over looking as though they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders? Similarly, back issues can be about not feeling supported. Issues with your legs or feet could be related to your future direction. Your hips are your headlights, and your legs and feet carry you forwards.

Which direction are you heading in?

Which direction are you heading in?

Your knees do too, and they are also about having flexibility of direction. Problems with your arms or hands? What are you holding on to that you no longer need?

Throat and thyroid issues are often about creativity, communication and self-expression that have been stifled, just as jaw problems can reflect a hypothetical difficulty in chewing over an issue, or biting off more than you can chew. The list goes on and IN. Internal organs also reflect emotional issues. Chronic conditions can be the result of an unrelenting, long-term and unseen hammering.

Of course this is a very simplistic way of looking at it. Your body-talk is a physical manifestation of the inward imbalance in the energy flows (meridians) in your body.

Think of rivers or streams being blocked, or flowing too quickly and the long-term impact on the environment around them.

Stream flowing


In exactly the same way, each flow of energy in your body is continually affected by your physical, emotional, nutritional and energetic world. Each meridian is directly related to specific organs, muscles, attitudes, emotions and beliefs. The good news is that there is a way to talk to your body and find out what it is trying to tell you.

The science, yes SCIENCE, of Kinesiology can gently and quickly find out what your body wants you to know. In a Kinesiology session, Keren gets yes or no answers from your body by applying gentle pressure to a muscle (usually your forearm) as you relax and chat. This biofeedback bypasses your conscious mind and talks directly to your body and unconscious mind. Keren also tests specific muscles and acupressure points on your body (much like an acupuncturist without the needles) to find which meridians are affected and why. It’s often the source of a few a-ha moments for clients …. and always empowering.

Sometimes flows can be blocked

Rocky stream

As a simple example, Julie’s arm movement had been restricted for many years. Her body indicated that there was still unexpressed grieving following her husband’s death eighteen years ago. With this conscious awareness, some tears and Keren holding a combination of acupoints to restore energy flow, Julie felt better and could comfortably move her arm in every direction with full range of motion and strength, and continued to do so over the months that followed.

Gently, kinesiology finds what is needed to restore balance. It might be holding acupressure points, a flower essence, sound, colour, a visualisation, affirmation, specific nutrients, Hypnotherapy, Reiki or NLP. It may simply be the conscious awareness of the issue and dealing with it in the required manner.

Sometimes a few sessions are required to get to the root cause of the issue so that healing can be complete. Clients get the most profound results if they are willing to discuss issues openly and honestly, maintain an inner mental and emotional image of how they would like to be and are willing to commit to any changes that their body indicates.

By dealing with the source of the problem, Kinesiology facilitates the healing process. It balances and harmonises all aspects of the your being, allowing your body to heal itself. To get some help in translating your body-talk, call Keren on 0409 706727 or email to make an appointment for a Kinesiology session.