Hyperton-X Course



25-27 November 2017 - Melbourne

The original Mahony Method of Hypertonic Muscle Release Technique

Leading the Way in Prevention and Rehabilitation Medicine Naturally

* Fully accredited with the AIK


Do you know someone who suffers from these conditions? How do you currently treat them? Do you want to learn how to treat them at causal level? 

  • Head Injuries, Cranial Traumas
  • Whiplash related symptoms,
  • T.M.J. disorder related symptoms
  • Persistent Sciatica
  • Hip instability
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tennis Elbow
  • Scoliosis
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Asthma, Allergies
  • Hormonal imbalance, Circulatory imbalance
  • Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Seizure Disorders
  • Myofascial dysfunction
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neck / Shoulder / Back pain
  • Headaches / Migraines
  • Tinnitus
  • Movement Disorders
  • Sleep Disorders

Whether you are a clinician, student, or a non-practitioner, learning Hyperton-X will give you the opportunity to incorporate the latest research in neurology, muscle physiology, neurotransmitters, chiropractic neurology, psycho-neuro-immunology, holistic dentistry, nutrition and much more, equipping you with the knowledge to deal effectively with those symptoms on a professional or personal level.

For Practitioners:
Attend the seminar and learn to apply the skills in your clinic straight away. Learn techniques that can comfortably incorporate your current key modalities used in your clinic
For Students:
Attend the seminar and train in real skills that count for your future practice/clinic. Learn to integrate this with other courses to become effective practitioners

Course dates:
25-27 November 2017

Course location:
Royal Domain Centre
370 St Kilda Road Melbourne

$750 ($250 deposit)
Payment plan available

Includes comprehensive Course Manual,
Instructor's Certificate and refreshments


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GREAT OPPORTUNITY NOW AVAILABLE for Kinesiologists and other Practitioners to:


  • Gain advanced knowledge
  • Learn cutting edge techniques
  • Revolutionize outcomes in your clinic
  • Add immeasurable value to your business
  • Set your clinic apart from other practices


Keren Wigley
Dip.Health Sci., Dip Kin, M.A.I.K.
Director Holistic Health Melbourne
0409 706 727


Keren has studied Basic and Advanced
Hyperton-X with Trevor Savage and
is a Certified Hyperton-X Instructor.

Trevor Savage

Trevor Savage
ND, L.M.A.I.K., M.A.T.M.S.
Director The Academy of Applied Bio-Neurology Australasia
07 3882 4446   M: 0427 134 916
www.kinesiology.nu/ts      www.not.net.au


If you are a healthcare practitioner, sports trainer or coach, whatever your area of expertise, there is a place for Hyperton-X in your work. 

It is also suitable for people who are not practitioners, with no experience in Kinesiology or healthcare, and can be used for family, friends and associates.

It is a must for all parents, anyone who has a child or friend with learning difficulties, or knows someone who suffers from pain or restricted movement.  The techniques are easy to learn, and easy to use. 


Hyperton-X is a form of Kinesiology that uses muscle testing to test for and correct imbalanced muscles.  It works with the body’s natural energy systems and the mind-brain-body computer to restore balance. This enables improvement in many physical, mental and emotional areas.


The human brain’s computer usually holds outdated or irrelevant information which continues to affect how people function, physically and mentally.  Hyperton-X uses muscle testing to gather information, clear the excess tension in relevant muscles (hypertonicity) and update the programs to restore optimum function in all areas.  Over-tense and protective muscles can often cause short-circuits, impacting performance in every area of life.


The Frank Mahony method of Hypertonic Muscle Release is simple and yet one of the most powerful tools you can have to locate and release muscle tension, strengthen weak and painful muscles, increase flexibility, enhance sports performance and improve brain function.  It is used by many professional practitioners, including chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, kinesiologists, professional athletic coaches and massage therapists. 


Hyperton-X is approved and accredited with AIK (Australian Institute of Kinesiologists)



WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:  This Hyperton-X course will give you a comprehensive understanding of the body and the complexity of the effects of the brain’s programming.  It will teach you how to correct imbalances and emotions that affect the physical body and brain function.  These imbalances may have been causing pain, allergies, learning difficulties, poor brain function, restricted sporting performance or preventing complete recovery from injury. This is very simple, yet powerful work. 


You will be able to help in these areas, and many more:


Physical:  Increase flexibility, return muscles to their state of balance and integrity, address pain and limited range of motion, enhance sports performance and injury recovery, overcome physical or emotional sensitivities or allergies


Mental:  Overcome learning difficulties and dyslexia, improve body-mind organisation, reintegrate dysfunctioning mental circuits, clear brain fog, overwhelm or lack of direction, find a renewed sense of mental vigour and focus.


Emotional:  Release old physical or emotional trauma, clear imbalances that have been affecting physical and mental performance



Remarkable results are possible ...

“When employing holistic concepts in the area of learning disorders, whether it be Hyperton-X or other, we are accustomed to experiencing remarkable results …. “ Frank Mahony


A recent Testimonial:

“Keren, you're a Godsend ...  Thank you so much for helping cease this constant state of agitation in my body.  I feel more free... less tense ... actually managed to sleep through the whole night. I'm still amazed... shocked even that the technique you applied on me really really works... I feel more mobile... more free... able to feel more relaxed and free.  I've been going to masseurs for over 3 years trying to get tight muscle in my back to relax... it appears what you've done really helped me out omg...   THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU... I'm going to tell everyone about you and this Hyperton- x technique of yours!!!   I'm a very happy man indeed.  Thank you again for giving me the freedom I've always wanted..... needed.”  Frank, Melbourne.