Enjoy your indulgences!

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Be kind to yourself

If you indulge in a few treats this festive season, be sure to enjoy them.

Bingle Jells! What is the best thing about Christmas for you? Is it the joyous, uplifting spirit of giving and sharing, happy smiling faces, being with loved ones, sharing gifts, or the sumptuous food and opportunity to party? What is the worst thing about Christmas for you? For me, it is crossing the line into that beautiful realm of self-indulgence and then finding it difficult to get back on track. Not to worry, it will soon be a new year, bringing with it the opportunity to regroup and make New Year’s resolutions.

On the road to the New Year, remember to be kind to yourself. If you do indulge, be sure to enjoy it. Why? Because the body does not really know the difference between a toxic substance and a toxic emotion. It can be affected by both. So if you are indulging in something you consider to be less than healthy, don’t double the trouble by beating yourself up about it. Relish the pleasure.

Remember also that all is not as it seems! If you are coming down from the sugar roller-coaster of Christmas, any cravings you experience may not necessarily be for sugar. Your body may be looking for water, oxygen, nutrition, or the comfort of familiar territory. So if you don’t want to surrender to delicious temptation, drink a glass of water, take three deep breaths, eat a small amount of protein, or give yourself a big hug.

See you in 2014!