Preparing for your session

KINESIOLOGY and other modalities:  

When you arrive for your session, we can begin discussion immediately if you have already completed your Client Information Form and emailed it to us.  Having some prior knowledge and a shared vision of what you would like to work on will enable us to be focused on getting results for you right from the beginning.  Complete the online form, or download the printable version and email to at least 48 hrs prior to your session

PLEASE COMPLETE PAGE 1 OF THE CLIENT INFORMATION FORM:     Client Information Form         Client Information Form PRINT



Your QUIT session is unique to you and prepared prior to your visit so that the hypnotherapy component of your session can address specific issues that may be of concern to you.   The more information you provide prior to your session the better, so that you walk out of your QUIT session feeling confident and bullet-proof!  It is important that you give yourself plenty of time in the weeks or days prior to your session to fully explore the questions and answer them as comprehensively as possible.   The QUIT Terms of Acceptance document will give you further information about your session.  These forms are an essential component of your QUIT Cigarettes session.  
Complete the online forms, or download the printable versions and email to at least 48 hrs prior to your session.

PLEASE COMPLETE PAGES 1 AND 2 OF THE CLIENT INFORMATION FORM   Client Information Form         Client Information Form PRINT



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"For someone wanting to stop smoking, a session with Keren is so much more than a traditional Hypnotherapy session.  She has the knowledge,  skills and experience to work at a very deep level with her client to find out why they smoke, and why it has been difficult for them to stop.  The session is empowering, enlightening and insightful for the client, and this enables them to apply what they have discovered in other areas of their life. Quitting cigarettes is just the beginning as they embrace a higher level of clarity and control.  Many do become the very best version of themselves, lead the lives that they want, and successfully achieve their goals.  The client is not the only one to benefit from this – the changes flow into other areas of their personal and professional lives, as they become more healthy, vibrant, purposeful and focused.  Thank you Keren."
Will M.

You can go ahead and book a session right now, or if you would like to call to discuss whatever is going on for you, I'd love to hear from you.  

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