How lucky are we?

My dog “Lucky” has 3 legs and 1 eye
I was just thinking about how lucky we are to live in this great society of ours.
We can love and marry whoever we want (as long as they are the same sex). We can smoke whatever we want (as long as we buy it at a retail outlet and pay tax on it). We have freedom of speech (apart from the HCC-NSW Government who is currently seeking unprecedented power to censor natural therapy practitioners.

Our society teaches us to have insurance for the future – house insurance, superannuation and health insurance. However old age is not much fun if you’re sick and it appears that nutritional deficiency and toxic overload contribute greatly to ill-health.

Our Food, Product and Therapeutic Goods watchdogs do a great job, however the excessive sugar and addictive, poisonous chemicals in approved products and foods that are promoted as being beneficial are concerning.

A few examples. Energy drinks contain a variety of stimulants and anti-anxiety agents, each of which have a different action in the body. Some of these suppress warning signals so that you don’t know when you’ve had too much and there is a high risk of developing a life-threatening blood clot. Emergency wards are now dealing with teenagers having strokes.

Approved personal care and household products contain many harmful chemicals. Over time this contributes to toxic overload and a generation with unprecedented “sensitivities” and ill-health. Sodium laurel sulphate (engine degreaser) is added to soaps, bubble baths, toothpaste and anything that foams. A milder form is used in baby products. Propylene glycol is used in hydraulic and brake fluid, anti-freeze, personal care products and snack foods. Fluoride, used in most toothpastes, is toxic and also used in rat poison.

Our Government is spending millions waging wars against disease. Why not put a fence at the top of the cliff instead of an ambulance at the bottom? An ounce of prevention is worth pounds of cure. If consumers were aware of toxic foods and products, and healthier alternatives, they may make different choices.

I believe that in the past, Doctors received minimal training in nutrition, making it difficult for them to advise patients on the relationship between food and health, and to let them know that the body can help to heal itself given the right conditions.

I have heard of cancer patients being encouraged to build up their strength with a doughnut, or a sweet snack after chemotherapy. This excessive sugar creates an acidic system, in which cancer and disease thrives.

Many children diagnosed as ADHD are suffering from excessive sugar intake, nutritional deficiency and toxic overload. School canteens could play a big role here as there is much evidence regarding links between behavior, nutritional deficiency and toxic overload. I am sure that many despairing parents would benefit greatly from learning more.

Our Government and western-medical-model is making quantum, life-saving leaps forward in many areas, however if you ask most practitioners about the role of nutrition and toxins in health, they will probably say that yes, they’ve heard something about that but there is no scientific research to back it up. Scientific research about the efficacy of nutrition in healing and effects of toxins doesn’t make it into mainstream medicine and it appears that Pharmaceutical companies fund research, pay big taxes and provide information and incentives to many Doctors.

Am I concerned? Yes, I’m very concerned that the agencies and people who are supposed to have our best interests at heart aren’t telling us what we need to know so that we can be in control of our own life and our own health. Who benefits from the fact that people are unhealthy (or dependently healthy)? Addicted to sugar, additives, preservatives, stimulants and reliant on medications.

Many Quit Smoking programs are not giving people information that they need to put them back in control. I’ve helped 250 people to stop smoking in the last 12 months and most of them are still non-smokers. Many of them had tried other methods and failed.

How would it be if our future generations, our children, were taught how to be independently healthy? We can start with the adults.

What do I share? Information about nutrients, toxins, health, cigarettes and smoking. If you want a heads-up, or a group info session, email me at

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