Hyperton-X is a form of Sports Applied Kinesiology, however its applications and benefits extend far beyond enhancing physical performance.The FRANK MAHONY METHOD of Hypertonic Muscle Release is simple, yet one of the most powerful tools available to release muscle tension, strengthen weak and painful muscles, increase flexibility, improve sports performance, enhance cognitive function and release muscle memory.HYPERTON-X is used in many countries by professional athletic trainers, coaches, physiotherapists and kinesiologists for a wide variety of physical and cognitive difficulties and to prevent and assist with injuries.  It can also be used very effectively by parents or those dealing with children and adults with learning disabilities or ADDADHD.

Hyperton-X is easily learned and incorporated into any existing modality, facilitating permanent change and relief from many conditions.  Until now most Hyperton-X courses have been held in Brisbane.  However Keren Wigley is conducting a three day Hyperton-X seminar in Melbourne in November.   If you are a therapist, or have an interest in learning this modality, click here for further information.

Hyperton-X Basic Course - Melbourne - 25-27 November 2017

This course includes plenty of hands-on work and personal instruction.  You will receive a comprehensive manual and a Basic Hyperton-X Certificate. This is truly an opportunity not to be missed!

Upcoming Hyperton-X Course
25-27 November 2017
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What is HYPERTON-X "Hypertonic muscle balancing”?

HYPERTON-X tests for and corrects imbalanced muscles using Kinesiology Muscle Testing. By clearing these hypertonic muscles, the person becomes more flexible and relaxed and is able to use their body in an integrated way, giving improved power and flexibility to their chosen activities.

A Hypertonic muscle has three characteristics:

  1. Pain
  2. Weakness
  3. Restricted range of motion.

Muscles that have become "Hypertonic" through injury or over-use are responsible for a lot of the imbalances that occur in the posture, nervous system, cerebro-spinal fluid flow and meridian energy flow.

What is a Hypertonic Muscle?

A Hypertonic Muscle is one that is restricted in its range of movement and is usually be tight and sore. Massage, or the usual kinesiology approach, does not necessarily change the over-facilitated state of the muscle.  In some cases there can be an emotional component underlying the physical problem so that even though the muscle has healed physically, it still retains memory of the event, continuing to restrict range of motion or causing pain.

How is it that Hyperton-x can help with so much?

The flow of Cerebral Spinal Fluid in the body and the Cranial-Spinal-Sacral Articulation affects both physical and mental performance.  By releasing the muscle and stimulating Cerebral Spinal Fluid Flow and Cranial-Spinal-Sacral Articulation, HYPERTON-X can improve or correct deficiencies in a wide variety of conditions.

How does Hyperton-x work?

The Hyperton-X correction method is based on PNF or Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation. The muscle is positioned in its maximum extended range. The client applies a constant contraction against the practitioner holding the limb in a steady position with light pressure of the contraction of the muscle from the extended position back toward contraction against the practitioner’s resistance. The practitioner gently extends the muscle by a few degrees, by pursuing the muscle to its increased range of motion. This is repeated after which the muscle has improved its range of movement and is significantly more relaxed.

Hypertonic Muscle Correction has been shown to have the following beneficial effects:

  • Re-sets proprioception mechanisms in muscle spindles and tendon reflexes that have been shocked due to injury, over-use or emotional trauma
  • Improves circulation in both vascular and lymphatic systems
  • Releases inhibiting signals (interference) from the muscle that may cause a jamming effect in the sensory co-ordination areas of the brain - specifically the Common Integration Area (CIA) in the Logic Brain Cortex
  • Improves co-ordination through better muscle balance and enhanced cross-lateral stimulation in the Brain
  • Releases restricted muscles that affect Posture and improves normal flow of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid CSF
  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce chance of Injury 
  • Increase Flexibility and power
  • Strengthen weak and painful muscles
  • Improve Sporting abilities 
  • TMJ –Temporo-Mandibular Joint disorders 
  • Gait mechanism
  • Hyoid Bone imbalance
  • Ilio-Caecal Valve dysfunction 
  • Energy blockages
  • Food sensitivities
  • Sugar cravings
  • Learning Disorders 
  • Dyslexia
  • Body/Mind Organization
  • Polarity Balance
  • Audio-Visual Perception
  • Lymphatic flow
  • Meridian flow
  • Chakra balance



Frank Mahoney
Keren Wigley

Frank Mahony (dec'd) developed the original HYPERTON-X program after being a consultant to the Puma Energizer Track Club in Santa Monica, set up by the Puma Clothing Company to assist US athletes training for
the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Keren has been studying Hyperton-X with Trevor Savage for several years, is a fully qualified Advanced Hyperton-X practitioner and Certified Hyperton-X Instructor.

This is a recent testimonial from a client regarding Hyperton-X:

Trevor Savage

Trevor Savage ND (from the International Instutute for Total Mind-Body Integration in Qld) was responsible for bringing Hyperton-X to Australia in 1985 after studying with Frank Mahoney in his very first Hyperton-X workshop in Los Angeles. Trevor returned to Australia and taught over 300 people from Hobart to Cairns and then on to Darwin. Trevor has worked with athletes including Pat Cash, Tracey Wickham, Mark Stockwell, Queensland State of Origin Rugby League Team, Junior American Downhill Ski Champion Team in Girdwood, Alaska, the University of Hawaii Rainbows Baseball Team in Hawaii and many leading sports people in Australia.

In March 2017 Trevor travelled to Moscow to teach Hyperton-X Sports Kinesiology to Kinesiologists from Estonia, Siberia and Kiev (Ukraine).  He has been invited to Italy, Indonesia, China, Japan and Ireland as well as being invited back to Moscow to teach more!

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Keren, you're a "God send"...

Wow... just wow thank you so much for helping cease this constant state of agitation in my body Keren.

Since last Tuesday I feel more free... less tense ... actually managed to sleep through the whole night.
I'm still amazed... shocked even that the technique you applied on me really really works... I feel more mobile... more free... able to feel more relaxed and free.
I've been going to masseurs for over 3 years trying to get tight muscle in my back to relax... it appears what you've done to me last night really really helped me out omg...
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU... I'M going to tell everyone about you and this Hyperton- x technique of yours!!!
I'm a very happy man indeed ^_^

So now when you come back from your holiday, I'm gonna do some time line therapy work and hypnosis work with you.... 

Thank you thank you thank you again for giving me the freedom I've always wanted..... needed 🙂

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