We have moved!

We are delighted to share our new clinic space with you!  It is located within the beautiful Endota Spa, at 69 Flinders Lane and you can feel the ambience as soon as you enter.  Welcome to a world of relaxation, comfort and confidentiality where you are the most important person there.

To get to our homely clinic room, just walk right on through, past Endota Reception.  There is no need to check in there.  The double glass doors and the wooden door will probably be open.  When you get to the glass divider at the Aleenta Barre sign, turn left into the small corridor.

The sign on the door is very congruent with our work.  It is "Believe".  There is no need to knock, please come on in.

Our reception area is peaceful and relaxing. Take a seat on the comfy sofa and relax to the soothing sounds of Endota music and the Zen water feature, and maybe take a look through some of the little books and magazines while you are waiting.  This is a good time to turn off your mobile devices and allow yourself to truly relax.  If the door to the therapy room is closed, we are probably with someone, so we will be with you as soon as we have finished.

Endota doorway
Walk on through Endota Reception
Turn left at the glass divider
Endota entrance street view
Endota entrance street view