Life is an Epic Journey

Life is an epic journey and most people have experienced many incredible highs and some challenging low points along the way. 

Often the road to the future is punctuated by challenging and difficult circumstances, deep grief or trauma.  Life is not discerning between those who have and those who have not and in reality, nobody escapes unscathed and it becomes part of their growth and learning.  However during those past times, the vision of the future may have been obscured by circumstances beyond their control, lack of direction, losing sight of personal goals or being unable to achieve them because of others.  For some, the overwhelming burden of grief, regret or guilt added a weight which made it difficult to keep going forward.  Or perhaps feelings of frustration, resentment, loss of control or being stuck increased the load. 

Happiness is everyone’s birthright and at some point many people made a decision to reclaim their personal power.  Although it took a lot of courage, they took steps to achieve it, setting emotions aside, or navigating their way out of the situation that was keeping them down.  With courage and determination, they launched into their desired future with renewed vigour, determination and purpose.

Fast-forward through the struggles, like the butterfly coming out of the cocoon, to their future.  As they looked back over their life they saw that all of the stepping stones developed them in ways that they would never have imagined and contributed to the success and happiness that they now enjoyed, going from strength to strength.  Life is good and there is no need to work through old forgotten emotions and issues.  They seem so far away.

But are they?  Over time, especially if combined with the accumulative effect of ongoing stress, the body makes a decision (unknown to them) that it is time to empty the trash and the only way to communicate this to them is in a physical way.  In a seemingly perfect world they begin to experience inexplicable symptoms, usually in the weakest link in the genetic chain. These are signals from the body.  At first occasional, and then constant physical or emotional symptoms. Perhaps anxiety attacks, depression, unexplained fears, challenging dreams, digestive disorders, sensitivities, headaches, muscular aches and pains, burn-out, feelings of vulnerability, fragility, uncertainty about the future, diminishing self-confidence. Every time they try to walk their path, they feel as though there is an invisible net holding them back.  It is at this point that they often seek medical intervention, and add a pharmaceutical prescription to the physical and emotional toxicity in the body. In response, the symptoms may ease however the body begins to shout at them as it becomes overloaded.  They cannot understand or listen, often blame it on the aging process, and the underlying problem gets worse until a real condition develops.

Their body has decided it is time to stop, deal with all of the underlying issues so that they can heal emotionally and be happy again. 

Often they have forgotten how it feels to be really happy, that feeling of freedom, laughing out loud and feeling so good that they want everyone to feel the same way.  The personal goals that they set for themselves a few years ago are still burning and they want them to become reality.  Every time they look at them and think “Can I?” the answer is a resounding “No!”.  Their body has begun to shut them down and it becomes increasingly difficult to do all of the things they want to do. They may experience a sense of denial and try to soldier on although it gets harder and harder.

It is usually at this point that a friend will mention Kinesiology to them or they will become aware of it in some way. 

This is the only modality that gives them the ability to talk directly to their body via the practitioner who acts as an interpreter to identify the issues that need to be resolved.  Working as a team through a series of sessions, they begin to gently unravel the layers of the past in an order of priority determined by the body, just like peeling the layers of an onion. 

Unlike other therapies that require them to experience painful emotions again, Keren and Ciara include other modalities (NLP, Hypnotherapy and Reiki) to enable them to clear the issues in a detached and objective manner.

This, to the body, is like a breath of fresh air and leaves them feeling increasingly lighter, clearer and focused with a sense of self-empowerment and freedom.  Their physical health begins to improve and feelings of joy, well-being and personal empowerment begin to return.  These changes are permanent and there is no looking back.

Many people who have experienced the scientifically-based magic of Kinesiology continue to use it as a go-to whenever they begin to feel a shift in the physical and emotional wellness that they have become accustomed to.

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