QUIT Cigarettes

Smokers, when you’re ready to quit, make The QUIT Specialist at Holistic Health Melbourne your first step, not your last resort.

Many people come to The QUIT Specialist as a last resort, after they have tried everything else.  By this time, they often feel disheartened, and have a sense of failure.  What a sad waste of energy, time and money.

Why did they fail to succeed?

  • They didn’t have all of the information they needed about cigarettes and smoking  
  • They didn’t know about the complex, underlying reasons sabotaging their efforts
  • They never questioned the beliefs that have been around as long as cigarettes:

-  Nicotine is addictive
-  It is hard to quit
-  You will have withdrawal symptoms, cravings and probably gain weight

What if these beliefs were not true?

There is more to quitting than just trying not to smoke!

Choosing to stop smoking may be a small part of the decision you have already made to lead a healthier life. As you know, there are so many factors that determine good health - peace of mind, nutrition, exercise, stress levels and lifestyle choices.

Perhaps you have tried to stop smoking before and failed? Perhaps although you have decided to stop smoking, you are finding it more difficult than you thought? Is this the one thing that you can’t get on top of? Perhaps you are experiencing an internal struggle that is driving you to smoke despite your good intentions.

You’re not alone!

There are a few things that you need to know …..

  • The secret ingredient that makes cigarettes addictive
  • Why nicotine may not be as addictive as you have been led to believe
  • The hidden factors beyond your control that are keeping you smoking
  • Why it has nothing to do with your willpower


"I was a very heavy smoker for some 26 years. I walked in very sceptical and left surprised, relaxed and confident that I could stop smoking. That was over three years ago and I am still a non-smoker. With so much media and advice from other medical practitioners, I find it hard to believe that so much insight and confidence can be gained in one session. Truly an amazing experience. Thank you so much for giving me my life back!”   Colin B, Ferntree Gully


Keren has seen the proof, hundreds of times, that it can be easy to stop smoking.

She gives her clients an understanding of what has been making them smoke, busts the myths and gives them critical information that puts them back in control. A Hypnotherapy session completes the process and locks in a new pattern of thinking and behavior that guarantees that they will easily become a non-smoker with a focus on being fit, vibrant and healthy. There are no medications or nicotine replacement products. There are no withdrawal symptoms. The only side-effect is feeling relaxed, peaceful and in control. 

“What an amazing experience. Such a detailed and interesting session that has truly changed me and my habits. I feel wonderful and am no longer a smoker. Thank you so much”.   Judy
“Keren was wonderful. Very insightful, very relaxed woman who passes it on to you. It was a brilliant session, a mind-blowing experience. I have never felt like that before. More people need to come".  James

Smokers, when you’re ready to quit, make The QUIT Specialist your first step, not your last resort.

Free ongoing support is included if required, and a Lifetime Guarantee.

Contact Keren on 0409 706727 or 1300 766 823     E:  holistichealthmelb@bigpond.com