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Diet Products and Hidden Dangers

Terry came to see me in clinic a few years ago. He was on crutches, and putting any weight on his right foot caused excruciating pain. He had spent more than 3 years going to Doctors and Specialists, none of whom could help any more. He had tried many medications, most of them leaving him feeling worse in other ways… Read more →

Discovering the Buddha of Compassion

Discovering the Buddha of Compassion Inside each of us is a light, loving, and truly forgiving energy that can transcend any burden that we may be holding onto. We often aren’t aware that we are carrying a heavy load inside, yet when a certain intense topic comes up, it can feel like a 10 ton weight is sitting upon our… Read more →

4 Days to Depression (confessions of a sugar addict)

It’s really up to you how long you want to ride this train, or how far down the rabbit hole you want to go. Reflect for a moment that you are the sum total of everything you have eaten, drunk, slapped on your skin, read, listened to and thought. If you want to get back to feeling good, it’s easy and your body will respond rapidly. Here are a few guidelines. Read more →

Health Insurance

IT’S JUST OLD AGE …. OR IS IT ? Are we educated to plan and provide for our future from a very early age? Perhaps some of us saved pocket money for our first prized possession, thought about what we wanted to be when we grew up and started making choices, usually about education, that would give us the qualifications… Read more →