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After several unsuccessful attempts over a fifteen year period to quit smoking in the past, I was amazed at how wonderfully easy, satisfying and enjoyable the Quit session was in setting me free from the nicotine prison and gaining my life and power back.

Keren is a beauitiful person who offered me the chance to release past beliefs that I would be forever trapped. I can honestly say (confidently) after our session that I am a non-smoker and will remain a non-smoker for the rest of my life. I’m very proud to say that it was only possible thanks to Keren’s facilitation, the system and her own experiences. Thank you so very much.

Patsy F. South Yarra

I feel relaxed and energised. I feel empowered and confident that I’ll never smoke again. I have reasons not to and the ability to distance myself from the habit. I actually feel happy, I’m smiling, knowing I don’t want to smoke. I know and can feel this will work.

The session was amazing, hard to describe. I’ve never felt like it before. I’m actually excited knowing I’m going to be a non-smoker. I’ve never felt that before. Thank you! 

Jon W. South Yarra

Keren was wonderful. Very insightful, very relaxed woman who passes it on to you. It was a brilliant session, a mind-blowing experience. I have never felt like that before. More people need to come. 

Mark M. Elwood

I really enjoyed the session. I was very relaxed but very much aware and in control of what was going on. I found it very interesting and different. I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards and believe that it has helped me to quit smoking and I never want to smoke again. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to quit smoking and has tried everything else. 

Laura C. Caulfield

Amazing. Not scary or stressful. The information in the beginning was full of “lightbulb moments”. The hypnosis was not threatening or intimidating. I didn’t feel like I had “let go of my mind”, more that I had more control of my mind. I had my doubts I would let go, but I did. Seems too easy. 

Helen S. Albert Park

Going into the session I knew I wanted to quit and was a little sceptical. However it’s amazing, even coming out of the hypnosis I can’t even stand the thoughts of cigarettes or smoke. I highly recommend it to anyone trying to quit and who wants amazing results. 

Katie K. St Kilda

It was a life-changing experience, since I have tried everything and nothing was that relaxing and satisfying as this. Feeling very strong and confident abouit myself and much lighter inside. Thank you soo much. 

Fay I. Dandenong

I feel good. I learnt more about smoking, reasons for doing it and how the subconscious treats the habit. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone that is serious about quitting cigarettes. 

Charles F. Blackburn South

3 years now (aside from a little slip and a second visit to you a year ago), and I cant believe 60 minutes can stop 20 years of smoking just like that.  The change has been fantastic. I can taste food again! The confidence it gives in not being a slave to the smokes is amazing.

It will work for you if you are truly ready to give up but cant quite muster the strength to do it alone. A 60 minute session will just 'flick the switch' that drugs or patches just wont do for you.  It did for me.

And, no I haven't been paid to say this. I'm just very happy to have found Keren, and let her do her magic...

Thanks again, Paul xxx...

Paul N. Keilor

I've had an association with Keren for several years as unfortunately I haven't been able to give up smoking in one go.

But every time I need her she is there without any negative judgements ... the lifetime guarantee is truly that!

Would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to quit.

Thanks so much Keren!

Graeme T. Sandringham

Angela's Story


This was written about 4 years ago.  Today, Angela is enjoying life with her children, grand-children and is in great health.

Well done Angela!

Dear Keren,

Where do I begin….I came to you as a last resort. I have a kidney disease which claimed the function of my kidneys and left me relying on having dialysis, 4 1/2 hours a day for 3 days a week. After meeting with doctors I was told that the only way to get off dialysis and get my life and health back would be to get a transplant.

Unfortunately due to smoking they said that I would not be able to be put on a donor recipient list. I have been smoking for over 35 years and smoked a packet or more a day and was upset and stressed at the thought of giving up something I enjoyed so much. I relied on them so much to calm me down when I was stressed. I had tried different things over the years like the patches and gum but none of that worked for me and made me feel sick and the thought of going cold turkey was completely out of the question.

My daughter came to me one day and told me she was making me go to a hypnosis session to help me quit smoking. I thought there was no way I was going to a hypnosis session I was worried I’d come out clucking like a chicken! Everything I knew about hypnosis was what I had seen on TV and was very skeptical and didn’t want to waste money on some gimmick. My daughter has been extremely worried about my health and had been researching everything she could to help me quit smoking so I thought I would give it a try for her sake. Boy did that decision to go to your session change my life!

After attending that 1 hour session with you I have not touched a cigarette since and tomorrow is my 1 month anniversary! I never thought in a million years that I would stop smoking and that with attending your session and a little bit of will power I have changed my life and have now been cleared to be put onto the donor recipient list! I also had extremely high blood pressure (219!!) that medication could not seem to ever fix but since quiting smoking my blood pressure has returned to a normal level and the doctors can’t believe it.

Keren I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me, my family and my quality of life. What you do is truly amazing!

To anyone reading my story, please give it a go. If you had told me that I could give up a 35 year habit with just a one hour session I wouldn’t have believed it but its true! You have so much to lose by not giving up smoking. My advice to you would be to book a session as soon as you can!

Once again thank you for your help and support, you’re an angel!

Yours sincerely
Angela M.

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