Reiki Courses

Keren is an Accredited Reiki Master\Teacher with the Reiki Association of Australia and has been teaching Reiki for many years. Keren's courses are more than simply Reiki, they are a journey into self development and spiritual development, learning to feel energy and trust your intuition, on a platform of healing with unconditional love. The Reiki weekend workshops are perfect for anyone who is looking for more and ready to explore. They are also an absolute must for professionals wishing to expand their skillset in order to offer additional therapies, and an intuitive and comprehensive service, to their clients.

Reiki class sizes are small (4-6 participants) to enable participants to receive individual guidance, support and sharing. Every participant brings something valuable to the table, and their knowledge, experience, individuality and unique path forward is honoured and respected. All courses include the requirements of accredited courses and provide a strong Reiki lineage to Mikao Usui if you wish to join an Association. Most importantly, each course has a focus on a strong personal and spiritual development component and hands-on work to enable profound learning on an experiential level.

"Like the saying goes: "When the student is ready, the teacher appears". This is how Reiki found me, the magical experience Keren creates in her workshops felt like coming home, a beautiful experience that will always be close to my heart.Keren doesn't just go through the motions of teaching the positions of Reiki, she teaches a greater understanding on a spiritual level and gently guides you to start trusting your own intuition.

I had some amazing spiritual experiences in both Reiki I and Reiki II and was blessed to share Reiki II with the same amazing people that I did the first workshop with. This gave me the confidence to explore Reiki at a deeper level. The way Keren teaches Reiki is very gentle and comes from a place of light and love. She makes sure that enough time has passed before moving onto Reiki II so you feel comfortable with your new skills before taking things to the next level (which is even more beautiful). I love that Keren keeps her workshops to a small size. She created comprehensive notes that I was able to take away and use as a reference

As I progress through my Reiki journey. I also loved the philosophical conversations that came about in Reiki II, and was great to share the energy and life knowledge that the other students bring to the experience. Keren knows how to create a wonderful environment to learn in with candles, beautiful music and gorgeous food and herbal teas to snack on - all treats for the soul. I wish I could do it all again !!

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Colac: To be advised
Melbourne: To be advised
10am-6pm each day
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Reiki 2

Colac: To be advised
Melbourne: 2-3 November 2023

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If you wish to continue your journey:
Reiki 3 Personal Mastery

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If you wish to continue your journey:
Reiki Master Teacher

Teacher of Meditation

Colac: Available on request
Melbourne: Available on request

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Why is learning Reiki in a hands-on course important?

A hands-on Reiki course is the only way to experience and learn Reiki. Learning to work with, and FEEL energy
is SO experiential, and the connection that you will experience, the connection to something greater than yourself,
is a very life-changing and personal experience.

To be very honest, it's just not the same if you are doing an online course, or a Zoom course.

Learning Reiki using an online Reiki course is like trying to learn to swim, or ride a bike, from a book or a video!

Reiki is more than a healing modality. Like Yoga, it is a way of being. HANDS-ON is the ONLY way to fully immerse yourself in Reiki and take yourself to the next level in your personal and spiritual development.

What you get with an HANDS-ON Reiki course:

  • You get the FEELS

  • You experience the feeling of oneness, Universal connection and inner knowing

  • You build personal and spiritual development at a deep level

  • You have someone who knows and understands, and can support and hug you when that old stuff comes up to be released

  • You learn to trust your intuition and be guided by something greater than yourself in a warm, nurturing and supportive environment

  • You experience that energetic connection and feeling of wholeness

  • You experience that uplifting and exquisite moment of a hands-on Attunement

  • You experience so much more that there are just no words for.

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What you get with an ONLINE Reiki course:

  • You will learn about Reiki.

  • You will get the knowledge of Reiki.

  • You will learn the hand positions

  • You will learn how to perform a Reiki session

  • Yes, you will learn how to become a Reiki practitioner

  • Yes, you will be able to practice Reiki if you qualify.