Testimonials from clients

I have many beautiful documents (that I have saved with love and gratitude over the years) from clients who have emailed or sent a text to say thank you. I also have some from my "marketing moments" (which have been few and far between) from clients who have provided a more formal testimonial when I have asked them if they would be happy to do that. I have published just a few here, in case you might like to read them.

" Before my journey with Keren, I generally felt well and balanced, however, experienced sporadic, drastic dips in my mood and was consistently ignoring what I would describe as an emptiness or hollowness at the core of my being. I was also putting up with a chronic lower back issue which despite YEARS of physical and medical intervention was not improving, in fact it was declining. I would consider myself, for the most part of my adult life, to be a proactive person in my search for answers to my above ailments. Just prior to meeting Keren, I had come to the realisation that the answers I was seeking in healing my physical and emotional manifestations lay at an energetic/spiritual level.

All roads lead me to Keren and I am so grateful that they did. Immediately, after one session with Keren, I turned a corner! I was staggered and ecstatic at how well I was in all areas after just one session, when my previous attempts over the YEARS had given me little to no relief. Keren’s ability to facilitate my journey has been an indescribably blessing. Her patience, care and ongoing support have provided me the confidence to heal. Through Keren’s counselling and kinesiology, I can happily say that I have never felt so wonderfully whole! I am experiencing a day to day joy and comfort in my mind, body and soul that I have never known!

This strong foundation has allowed me to venture into different areas of my life that I have always wanted to explore, but due to feeling emotionally low or physically in pain, have not attempted. Keren has provided a space for me to delve into my deepest belief patterns, restructure or understand the basis of these beliefs in a beautiful, non-judgmental environment that I feel so unbelievably safe in. At present, I am so strong that I can now visit Keren and have her aid and enhance my exploration as opposed the sessions helping pick me up from the almost forgotten, disconnected state I was in. For this I will be forever grateful. Thank you xxoo "

"Kinesiology has helped me see my life from a different perspective. After each session I feel a sense of calm and peace, also an ability to handle life situations differently. It has allowed me to delve into my subconcious mind and work through the layers of life situations which throughout my life have driven me to doubt myself and my actions. Working through these layers has taught me many lessons at a conscious and subconcious level at which has given me the confidence to live a full life. The last nine months for me has been an incredible journey of soul searching, and with the help of kinesiology I have been able to explore myself a lot more. Thank you so much Keren. "

" I just wanted to thank you for the last amazing session I did with you. I feel an improvement in myself and can be more loose and myself around others. You are amazing and absolutely need to keep doing what your doing. Making people happy again!! Once I get a job I would love to come back to you and do some more sessions."

" Hi Keren. When I left on Wednesday I had a smile on my face. I still have that smile. I am feeling a lot happier. Yesterday I had the biggest energy burst, massive amount of house scrubbing got finished. My good friend came over and for once I didn't fight the attraction we have for each other. Things are slowly fitting into place. My son is happier too. He is a lot more relaxed and his behaviour is good. We are even getting to school on time now! He is looking forward to seeing you again."

" Hi Keren, hope you are keeping well 🙂 I just wanted to email and let you know how I've been going, and to say a huge thank you!!

I have been feeling so great :):) the last couple of months I haven't been able to wipe the smile off my face, and actually feel like I'm smiling from the inside, it's such a beautiful feeling 🙂 Everything in my life at the moment seems to be falling into place and I'm loving it!

All of the work we have been doing over the last few months has been for this exact moment 🙂 I can honestly say it's been one of the most life-changing experiences, working with you and I'm so grateful to have met you and been able to share my journey with you..

Would love to book in a session in the next couple of weeks, maybe 2 weeks from today if possible.. 🙂 "

" A bit of feedback after our session last Tuesday, I've been feeling really great since then, really opened everything up for me and I have had a really great mind ever since then right through until today (Monday) which is nice.

It was such a great session for me, I love the random sessions like that which somehow fall into place how they are meant to! I remember something you said Tuesday about your body healing naturally, and that for some reason really stuck out for me, the more I've thought about that comment the more I'm adopting it!

With my PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), its rare that I get a cycle, but since our sessions started, I have been getting them every 6-8 weeks, and ever since last Tuesday, I can feel that another one is coming ? It helped so much with the flow in the body, however I always seem to swell up quite a bit beforehand, which is what's happening now, but at least I know its been regulating, and I havent been taking anything for it! Which is proof to me that the body can heal itself, all it takes it clearing of old emotions!"

“I am so grateful to have done Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and now Reiki 3 with Keren. She is truly unique and it was a privilege to share this weekend with her. She is a very insightful teacher, but even more, she IS Reiki. It flows from her in the way that she cares, understands, accepts without judgement and allows you to be who you truly are, and holds the space for students to explore.”

“Since the Reiki 1 course things in my life has been just falling into place. I also feel calmer, much more relaxed and very focused”

"I felt very comfortable, warm and welcomed. Acceptance of my individuality and the beauty of positive reinforcement couldn't have done it any better for me".

"I felt very comfortable, warm and welcomed. Acceptance of my individuality and the beauty of positive reinforcement couldn't have done it any better for me".

“I am enough” was always a lovely cliché but deep down I didn’t really believe it. Now, after this workshop, I know this with every cell in my body and the feeling is liberating and empowering”.

It was amazing – I felt my heart opening and during the week following the course, I felt a sense of awakening and an awareness, for the first time, of the true meaning of unconditional love it moved me to tears”.

I had no idea that the Reiki 2 weekend would help me to overcome old fears and emotions from my childhood and teenage years. All obstacles have disappeared and I feel free, clear and confident. I now know that I can achieve my dreams and am ready to make them happen. How can I thank you enough for giving me my life back?”

“Reiki 2 gave me clarity, insight, healing and direction. During Reiki 3 the information that I received and the golden threads of unconditional love, understanding and acceptance that are woven throughout the weekend gave me an even greater depth of understanding of so many things on so many levels!! I felt awakened … that my soul finally remembered and embraced profound truths that had always been part of me, yet obscured by life. I will never be the same again, and things will never affect me the same way again. Reiki 3 has been the greatest turning point of my whole life and taken me to a new level of personal mastery."

“As a practitioner I have learnt so many new skills that I can use to help my clients, and how to keep my vibration high even in difficult circumstances. I feel that I am indeed becoming a Master of myself, with a new level of connection, guidance, confidence and peace within myself.”

"I am a massage therapist and since doing Reiki 1, my clients always comment on how much warmth they feel coming from from my hands and how relaxing my touch is. I have also noticed that I seem to have a "sixth sense" about what is going on for them and how they are feeling."

Testimonials from Reiki students

“Reiki 3 Personal Mastery, following by Reiki Master\Teacher was a breakthrough experience for me, increasing my self-knowledge as well learning how to teach. The highlight for me was learning about creating and delivering meditations. This was very valuable to me and Keren provided the necessary learning in a way that acknowledged my individuality and will allow me to grow and develop in my own way.”

“I didn’t realise so much was involved in structuring a course and teaching others in a way that catered for all types of learning styles. Thank you for giving me the practical tools that I need to be able to share Reiki with others. Learning how to give Attunements, the way that you do it, was a very valuable experience.

Thank you also for showing me how I can bring my own unique style, wisdom and information to my Reiki courses. I have done a Reiki Master Teacher course before, but this one with you covered so much more, and was so empowering. I can't thank you enough".